• January 2016

Kisslover Creates High-end Customized Female Sanitary Towels

——The First Launch Ceremony of Kisslover Silk Liquid Sanitary Towel in Asia Pacific was held in Hangzhou romantically

On Dec. 12, 2015, the First Launch Ceremony of Kisslover, a French high-end silk fashion life brand, in Asia Pacific was held in Wulinhou Club House, Hangzhou romantically and with low profile, themed with "Kiss of Love • The Faith of Silk". Representatives of the EU in China, the European Committee for Standardization, French High-end Customization Association and World Luxury Association, elites of all walks of life, fashion celebrities, web celebrities, etc. dressed up and attended the event.


Founded in Paris, France, Kisslover is an innovative international high-end life brand of silk fashion created by Ichirô Yamamoto, a fashion designer studying in French, through cross-border.

Ichirô Yamamoto

Adhering to the concept of health, environmental protection and fashion, the brand makes the innovative R&D integrating the Western modern fashionable designs and the Chinese purely natural silk, and avail of noble quality of silk into the nursing materials for daily life.

This launch not only marks the debut of brand Kisslover in China and close contact with Chinese consumers, but also represents that Kisslover has successfully launched the first silk liquid sanitary towel and officially announced its entry to the Asian Pacific market.

At the ceremony, Mr. Ichirô Yamamoto, CEO of Kisslover first introduced his cause of cross-border: He hopes to transform sanitary towels by combining the thinking of high-level fashion customization and return to the safe and comfortable nature. Moreover, he integrates the fashion-based interpretation of love and beauty of females into the design, to make sanitary towels really understand women and make them delightful. Juliet from French High-end Customization Association came on stage recalling the details of her preliminary discussion with Mr. Yamamoto.

Mr. Yamamoto said in the link of product release that, this product, after 3 years of R&D, successfully solved the natural safety, comfortable experience and fashionable disposition of sanitary towel through patent technologies, i.e. pearl mulberry silk cover, honeycomb structure and integral water-absorption core made of amino acid materials, human-oriented detail design, luxurious sense of quality, as well as the compliance with the EU standards and sterile feature.


On the scene, Alan, a representative from the European Committee for Standardization, expressed that this product is currently the only sanitary towel passing 144 authoritative tests of harmful substance, creating the industry benchmark.

Mr. Yamamoto revealed that Kisslover Silk Liquid Sanitary Towel positions to affordable luxury and only serves the high-end female. Stephen from the World Luxury Association came on stage evaluating: Only Kisslover is eligible for luxury goods among sanitary towels. It really prioritizes the research into the health and fashion psychology of female, and changes the women's recognition to nursing products for menstrual period. Compared with traditional sanitary towels, it ushers sanitary towel into the age of natural luxury in an innovative and groundbreaking manner.


After the event, the first Sanitary Towel Museum established by brand Kisslover opened to public. Guests present at the event were highly interested in it.

Through graphics or production in kind, the Museum exhibits the sanitary towels made of leaves and feathers in the ancient times, and those made of plush starch, high polymer and liquid material in the modern and contemporary times, covering the models of washable, disposable, adhesive, thin silk care wings and integral forming sanitary towels; from the civil and palace luxurious embroidery process to modernized manufacturing, the Museum restores the original development history of sanitary towels, and also reflects the special annoyance and hardships of a woman throughout her lifetime.


Guests present at the Museum expressed that it is a unique establishment, which not only enables them to understand and care women, but also attaches a cultural value and social significance.