Kisslover Jobs

I. Brand Microblog/WeChat Operation Officer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Take charge of operating official accounts of the brand socialization media, including the compilation, release, maintenance, management and interaction of daily contents, and the increase in influence and attention;

2. Promote the brands, products and activities of the Company through Microblog and WeChat Platform;

3. Take charge of formulation and execution of operation strategies, activities and topics of Microblog and WeChat;

4. Carry out the Microblog and WeChat interactive activities to stimulate the increase of fans and promote the Company's brand;

5. Follow up the propaganda effect of Microblog and WeChat, analyze data and make timely feedback to enhance the influence and liveness of the Company's public accounts;

6. Prompt the development and maintenance of potential customers through Microblog and WeChat.

Job Requirements:

1. Have the spirit of exploration and strong enthusiasm to new media, instead of educational qualifications and specialty;

2. Have a good mastery of hot topics and strong ability of topic creativity;

3. Be familiar with all application knowledge and skills of Microblog and WeChat, as well as the propaganda law of tools;

4. Be familiar with SNS and Microblog/WeChat marketing, and understand the propaganda planning under the new media;

5. Excel at communication and have the good ability in management, coordination and innovation;

6. Have strong ability of understanding and expression, clear thinking, and affordability to the work with huge pressure and rapid rhythm;

7. Experience in market PR, media, social marketing, FMCG, etc. preferred. Personal works are required upon the interview.

II. Copywriter

Job Descriptions:

1. Take charge of copywriting of daily brand operation and propaganda (including online/offline brand promotion proposals, copywriting, soft text, news release, new media presentation, etc.)

2. Collect and reorganize all data, including the collection of brand information and commercial dynamics, and creation of database;

Job Requirements:

1. Have the proficient writing skills and certain working experience in brand copywriting and network marketing;

2. Have rich experience in product promotion and activity planning, strong observation and proficiency in mining hot topics;

3. Be able to independently accomplish the copywriting and writing, and proficient in the collection and summary of information;

4. Mastery of e-commerce and work experience in social media communication preferred, and resources more desired. Personal works are required upon the interview.

III. Graphic Designer

Job Responsibilities:

Take charge of all visual designs and production of the brand (including all promotional materials, website, webpage, product page, etc.)

Job Requirements:

1. Working experience in Advertisement Company, media, Internet enterprise, E-commerce Company, etc. preferred;

2. Be proficient in art skills and highly experienced in creativity, design and production of web page; be able to master design themes and concepts, and independently design the professional works;

3. Have excellent esthetic taste, abundant imagination, creation ability, strong concept of users, and ability to fully consider the user experience in designs;

4. Have a good command of tools: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, AI, CorelDraw and other webpage design software; ability to produce H5 pages much preferred.

5. Be sensitive to fashion and keen to fashion and Internet, with high working efficiency. Personal works are required upon the interview.